Unity Game Programming

Delivery Time: Project Size Dependant
Service Includes: Multiple Revisions
Max Revisions: 2
License Type: Basic Access License

Rate: 20$/hr
I work exclusively in Unity. I can handle almost any task from an inventory system to a combat system, debugging, turn-based, real-time, implementing art or audio, UI, etc. I don’t have substantial networking experience so while I can work within an existing networked multiplayer game setting one up would be a little challenging for me.

Feel free to check out my game jam entries for an example of what can be done in a short period of time: https://johntomblin.itch.io/

Note: I don’t work with AI generated material, please don’t ask me to produce any and please don’t request for me to work with any AI generated material unless you fully own the copyright to the training data and can prove as much.

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