Programming of a C++ Code Plugin exposed to Blueprints

Programming of a C++ Code Plugin exposed to Blueprints
Delivery Time: 7-14 Days
Max Revisions: 1
License Type: Basic Access License

We will program custom functionality you need in C++ and expose it to Blueprint Nodes.
As this can vary a lot by what you need the prices are meant more like rough estimates coming from experience with gameplay programming, custom data parsing, file management and database connections.

Quantity is to be used as the amount of individual Blueprint Nodes necessary for your Plugin.

Every order will be programmed as a Blueprint Function Library in C++ stored inside a Plugin, easy for you to work with.
Nodes will not be multiplayer replicated as a technical limitation of Function Libraries / Game Instance Subsystems.

You want us to program a Code Plugin for parsing your custom CSV-File.
The Blueprint Nodes you expect are “read”, “write” and “convert to struct”.
That means you will get 3 Blueprint Nodes to work with resulting in a quantity of 3 for your order.

Basic Functionality: Gameplay, Mathematics or Unreal Actors / Components related
Advanced Functionality: External Data / Communication to outside of Unreal Engine / Databases / Similar related

**Extras explained**
– Documentation (Simple PDF): We will create a pictured documentation PDF on how to use the Blueprint Nodes precisely
– Access to Source Code: You get access to the Source Code of the Plugin containing all your custom functionality
– Commented Source Code: In combination with “Access to Source Code” the Source Code you get access to will be commented
– As Game Instance Subsystem: You will get a Plugin containing a Game Instance Subsystem instead of a Blueprint Function Library containing your custom functionality
– Android Supported: We develop the Code Plugin with Android in mind and make sure that the C++ Code will run fine on Android as well. (We will not precompile the Code Plugin for Android!)

Every order will be checked individually. We reserve the right to cancel an order we see as unrealistically scoped.
Best write us a message first before you order so we can discuss the size of what you need.

You will receive a precompiled version of the Plugin for an Unreal Engine Version of your choice.
At default you will not get the Source Code along with it. (See Extras)
In case you are using a custom build Version of Unreal Engine (Not from the Epic Games Launcher) you NEED access to the Source Code to compile the Plugin for your custom Version of Unreal Engine! Same is valid if you want to package your application / game for any platform except Windows.

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