Ahoy grand adventurer, you’re probably wondering “Surely there is a catch to get listed”

Signing up as a vendor is free, we humbly put on a 5% commission fee per transaction, enough to keep the Guild running and turning this into a smooth-running platform which can grow and be financed to look after others (and add a wing or two to the Guild)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form


Payouts can be requested after a minimum threshold of $50 has been met. Once requested we will do a direct payment to your account and send proof of payment as well. Depending on the bank services or international payments this could range from 4-15 working days.

Everyones Tax Responsibility

As a valued member of our marketplace, it’s important to understand that while we facilitate transactions between service providers and clients, each party is responsible for their own tax obligations. When you earn income by selling services here, this income may be taxable in your jurisdiction. As such, you are required to report your earnings from our marketplace to your local tax authorities and pay any taxes owed according to the laws of your country or region. Please note, our platform deducts a 5% commission fee from each transaction, which is our revenue and will be handled on our end for tax purposes. We do not collect or remit taxes on behalf of our users. Therefore, we strongly advise consulting with a tax professional to ensure you’re compliant with your local tax regulations, including understanding any applicable sales tax or VAT responsibilities. This will help you navigate your tax obligations effectively and ensure a smooth experience with our platform.

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